Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blind Fate: Tourism Fiction Hits the Airwaves!

Have you heard a commercial on the radio asking you to Google "Blind Fate Patrick Miller"? You have found the right place. Blind Fate is a steamy suspense/thriller novel set against the lush backdrop of the real River Region in  Montgomery, Alabama. This novel is the first of its kind to offer readers an interactive tourism guide inside the book. Readers can click on tourism websites in the story to see pictures of the real settings and learn how to visit the actual places.

Blind Fate is told through the unique “perspective” of blind violinist Melody Harper, a young woman who finds herself in a very dangerous situation. Dare to enter her world without sight and solve a mystery using only her senses to guide you. Don’t let Melody have all the fun and excitement; after reading the novel, come live out your own adventure in this real tourism hotspot. Step into the story and write your own chapter through a fun vacation. Remember: with tourism fiction, the story never has to end with the last page.

Discover the cultural side of this sensual capital city in the deep South. Catch a play at a famous theatre, walk the galleries of an impressive art museum, listen to a symphony orchestra under the stars, enjoy fine dining and explore beautiful gardens. Send your husband to play a round of golf at a world-renown course, while you spend the afternoon relaxing in a luxury spa. These are just a few of the things you can do in Montgomery.

To read an excerpt of Blind Fate right now, click here:Blind Fate.

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